Are you planning your first camping trip? There are a lot of things you need to know before you experience the outdoors. You will likely face bad weather, grizzly bears, blisters etc. during camping and for that, you need to know some skills before you set out on your adventure.

Pack your gear

You will need to pack up your boots, lithium batteries, electronics, torchlight, stove, ice axes, crampons. Everything you need to sustain you throughout your camping.

Take the right amount of food

You should pack food that will be sufficient for the trip. Also if you know you would be camping during bad weather, you will need enough food to get you by.

Learn how to fix a leaking tent

When fixing a tent, you should clean up the leaking area and make sure there is no dirt around it. Apply the right type of sealant. You can use sealants for silicone treated fabrics like Seam Grip or Silnet. If you don’t have this, you can temporarily use a duct tape.

Have a full bag pack

You will need to bring a lot with you to camp. Everything you need to survive in the outdoors.

You should be clean

When packing for your camping trip, you will need your towel, baby wipes, soap, deodorants etc. You should wash the sweat off your shirt and dry in the sun.

Protect your knees

There is a high risk of getting ankle injury when you hike with poles. To protect yourself, adjust the height so that your elbows will be bent to 90-degrees. Also, make sure that the poles are short when climbing hills and extend poles when descending hills

Getting rid of ticks

When you see one pull it by the head with tweezers and pull it off your skin. Make sure it doesn’t break along the way and the tick comes off neatly. After removing ticks clean the bite area with disinfectant. If you notice you’re getting chills, fever, body aches etc., get a doctor.

Drain a blister

If you have a blister, clean it up with alcohol or spirit, then puncture it with a pin. When its open, you apply antibiotics on it and wrap it up with a bandage.

Watch out for lightning storms

When there’s lightning, you shouldn’t be caught around single trees, rock overhangs, high peaks, open trails, passes and open water. Stay in places that have uniform trees or at the low point of a gully. Stay in a proper position by crouching on your toes on your sleeping pad. Make sure your feet are together so it does not expose you to electricity.

Keep yourself away from the rain

Put on rain pants or rain protection outfits so that the water does not get in your clothes. Hide under the hood of your rain protector.