Now that the hot summer is gone, the cold mornings and the excellent hiking atmosphere is a great way to start your camping experience. The fall offers adventurers a great time to enjoy their camping experience. If you’ve been thinking about going camping in Ontario, this is the time to book a campsite.

One of the many benefits of camping during this season is the fact that you get to do as many activities as you want during this cool weather.

Here are eight reasons why you should go camping this fall.

The View

Everywhere looks beautiful this season. You can be able to explore all the areas and a great view of the landscape. If you plan on doing a lot of sightseeing, this is the best time to go camping.

Good Weather

The fall season is much better than the summer. The weather is cool and refreshing, especially in the mornings. You also feel more comfortable exploring the outdoors than during a hot and humid summer.

Cheaper rates

It is also at this time of the year that most campgrounds offer lower rates. Most campgrounds will reduce their rates after Labour Day.

Little or no Insects

Also, another reason you should book your camping trip this fall is that you get to be more comfortable especially since bugs are not so numerous. The weather doesn’t make it easy for mosquitos, insects and bugs to survive. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be needing your skin protection creams. You need to have them in hand.

The Food

The weather also allows you to eat comfortably at camp. There are a lot of options to choose for food food suitable for cold weather. You can have a good coffee to keep you warm in the mornings while deciding on the best meals you can explore.

Good Sleep

It can be uncomfortable having to share sleeping spaces during hot weather. You don’t experience such during the fall because the nights are always cool. You can have a good night’s sleep while outdoors during the fall.

Different Activities

There’s always a lot to do during this time of the year. If you plan on camping during the fall, you or chill out to watch a movie, go for Halloween events, go fishing, attend harvest festivals, pick pumpkin and carving etc.

Fewer Groups

It is always exciting to meet new people but you don’t want to camp when the whole place seems packed up. It can be a little overwhelming to be around so many people. Most people are not available to go camping at this time because of school. The campsites are usually less crowded and you can be able to spend time with just a few people around.