If you’re planning to go on an exhilarating adventure, it can be difficult to decide on what to pack for your camping trip. We’ve made things easy for you, by letting you know the essentials you will need to keep during your camping experience.

Camping Tent

You will need a tent for your adventure. When getting a tent, it is best to get a lightweight camping tent that is portable to take with you. There are different types you can get. You’d have to invest a little more to get a mountain tent, that would be stronger, and can keep you safe during severe weather.


Another important item you need for your camping trip is a good rucksack. This is where all your possessions are going to be, while you are outdoors. When getting one, it has to be strong enough to hold all the things you’ll probably have to throw in it, and it should also be comfortable to carry.

Before buying a rucksack, think of how long your camping trip will be. You can get a rucksack for a one-day camping trip, but if you plan on staying for a more extended period, it’s better to go for a 50 to 89 litres rucksack.

A Small Stove

When going camping, you need to plan on how to put your meals together. Getting a portable stove, that you can easily carry around, is something you should consider. You can get a single burner to serve you during your adventure. The stove should be one that uses propane (flammable gas) because it’s easier and lighter to carry around.

Purification System for Water

You’ll also need clean water during your camping trip. There are many options that you have, to get your water treated. The most convenient of them, however, is the water purifying tablets. They don’t take up space in your rucksack, and just one tablet is enough to filter 25 litres of water. Another option to get is water purification liquid. This purifies water faster than the tablet. About 250 litres of the fluid, can treat 625 litres of your drinking water. Also, you need a specialist bottle that will filter sediments, dust particles, rust and bacteria from the water.

First Aid Kit

You may not have to use a first aid kit during your adventure, but still, it is essential to have it along with you. Your first aid kit should have crucial things like sterile gauze, wound dressings, anti-bacterial wipes, blister pads, and pain relievers. When going on camping trips, it is also vital that you take skin protection creams, to protect you from insect bites, and other reactions. You may also need them, in case there are poisonous plants around.