It is fun and exciting to go camping in Ontario. If you’re thinking of where to start your camping trip in Ontario, hopefully, this article will guide you. These sites are places where you can go for a little escape to enjoy the beautiful landscape in the north.

Manitoulin Island

If you are looking for the largest freshwater lake around the world, Manitoulin has it. The island is extremely large and the lakes there all have their own islands. Manitoulin is a favourite camping site for lovers of water sports. Here, you will find activities like swimming, sailing, fishing and canoeing. This place is a favourite spot for RV and tent camping.

Lake Superior Provincial Park

This park is another large park that covers 1,600 kilometres of land. Most of the area is surrounded by the beautiful Superior Shoreline lake. If you are up for a great sightseeing, there’s no other site that beats this place.

Sandbanks Provincial Park

This place offers the best of Ontario’s very large and beautiful beaches. You will find large group camping and over 500 car campsites at the Sandbanks. Tourists are always involved in activities like cycling, sailing, boating, canoeing and windsurfing.

Killarney Provincial Park

Here you can tour around the Georgian Bay shoreline and also get to see all the beautiful lakes. The Killarney provincial park is a place every camper wants to be. It is best suited for longer camping trips so people can get to explore the area.

Bruce Peninsula National Park

This place is one of the most beautiful places in Ontario. It is full of very beautiful cliffs and grottos. There are also shipwrecks under water which makes it even more attractive for adventurers.


If you love to go canoeing, this site offers over 2,000 kilometres of lake water you can explore. There’s just a lot of water area you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Point Peele National Park

The Point Peele is in the southern part of the Ontario province. The national park has very good trails campers can follow and it is a place to engage in sports like swimming in its lakes.

Bon Echo

The Bon Echo Provincial Park is another interesting place to camp. The park is close to the strong Mazinaw Rock which has over 150 pictographs. The national park also has a tribute made to Walt Whitman.

Neys Provincial Park

This is another great place to be. Though this park is not as popular as the others, it also has wonderful camping sites there. You get to explore the Pic island and also the beautiful sandy beaches.


This is a great place to watch the sunset. Pinery has a beautiful and calm lake that gives you this comfort. The very serene area makes it look like a place that is out of this world.